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Everything you need to be a successfull trader.

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What Is Cryptora?

Cryptora is a service that helps its user be a successfull crypto-trader by trading signals, handmade technical / fundemental analysis, private consulting, coin reviews, news & updates and helpful tutorials.


Trading Signals

Receive live signals to make good trades on the spot.

Technical & Fundemental Analysis

Our specialists make high quality analysis and share it with you. Also we teach you how to do so.

Private Consulting

Receive customized advice from experts on all your matters.

Coin Reviews

We understand that with so many ICOs you do not have the time to research all. That's why we do it for you.


As a beginner in cryptocurrency, it can be difficult to find your way. Our team has good tutorials to get through with.

News & Updates

Stop checking for all the hot news. With Cryptora you have it all on your fingertips.

Our Mission

The cryptomarket is a sleeping giant. To reach mass adoption every newcomer has to be taught how to trade.
That's why education is our key-value. At Cryptora we strive to teach every member how to be a "good" trader.